Monday, January 03, 2011

A Fine BLT at Emma's Pizza

The BLT. A sandwich so simple yet so delicious. It would be easy to simply say "everything is better with bacon" and be done with it, giving the BLT the sandwich crown. I mean it's true, everything IS better with bacon but the truth is it is not just the bacon that makes a BLT so good. It's the fresh, crisp lettuce, the juicy, plump tomato, the sinful, rich mayonnaise, and finally, the crispy, smokey, salty bacon. Oh, the bacon!

The best BLT I have had in recent memory can be found at Emma's Pizza in Kendall, Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Emma's is known for its incredible thin-crust pizzas but also offers an assortment of salads and sandwiches worthy of their own recognition, including their BLT. Emma's BLT is constructed with extra-thick, double smoked bacon, house-roasted tomato, Boston Bibb lettuce and a smear of Ken's extra-thick mayonnaise on grilled Iggy's sourdough.

You should go to Emma's for the pizza, and stay for the BLT. Tell them One Food Guy sent you.

BLT at Emma's Pizza


  1. I love Emma's BLT and the tuna melt with bacon added to it!

  2. Mmmm tuna melt with bacon, that sounds great!