Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday's Tasting - TJ's Thai Style Massaman Chicken

This week's tasting is another rice bowl, Trader Joe's Thai Style Massaman Chicken. Massaman is a coconut milk-based curry, as most Thai style curries are, and is mild on the heat scale. Indian curries on the other hand rate very high on the heat scale.

In the premiere Tuesday's Tasting on November 14, I wrote about being able to read all the ingredients on the list. I've noticed on most of these frozen bowls that I can read all the ingredients. Most also claim to be free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Although it does not state that it's all natural, is that not the same thing? Enough semantics, let's see how it tastes.

This Massaman Chicken rice bowl from Trader Joe's contains lots of juicy, tender pieces of chicken, large pieces of bamboo shoots and noticeable pieces of diced red peppers. The rice, as with previous bowls I've tasted, is perfect. The sauce quite tasty too, with a good balance of familiar curry flavors, coconut and just the slightest amount of heat from a some cayenne (listed in the ingredients list.) Don't worry if you don't like spicy food, the heat level is very mild. My mom, whose taste buds combust with the slightest bit of heat, would probably like this.

Another tasting, another tasty dinner. Trader Joe you are my freezer case hero.

Now go to Trader Joe's and buy something you've never tried. Don't be afraid, Joe knows his stuff!

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