Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday's Tasting - TJ's Spinach and Tofu Egg Rolls (discontinued)

It's no secret that I'm an adventurous eater and always willing to try something new. Like the ostrich burger I ate at Crazy Burger in Rhode Island, or some of the items I order off of a sushi menu. In any case, I'm always willing to try something new if someone recommends it. After all, if it's for sale, someone think it's good, right?

This Tuesday's Tasting is an item that I learned of while waiting for a table at the restaurant Carmen in Boston's North End. I was sitting at the bar with my wife and we struck up a conversation with this nice woman sitting next us. We were looking at the menu together and as we salivated over what sounded like a delicious lamb dish, this woman suggested two items from Trader Joe's freezer case that we must try. The first is Trader Joe's Seasoned Frenched Rack of Lamb and the second, Vegetarian Spinach and Tofu Egg Rolls. Tonight I'll be tasting Trader Ming's Vegetarian Spinach & Tofu Egg Rolls.

The instructions on the package suggest 25-30 minutes at 400
°, which I suppose may be appropriate in a conventional oven, but in my toaster oven that is much too long. I bake these between 375° and 400° in my toaster for about 18-20 minutes, flipping them 10 minutes in and keeping a close eye on them for the last few minutes. In a previous post I explained how my toaster oven seems to run a little hot and I always need to keep a close eye on things that I place in there when it's on bake. These egg rolls need that attention even more as they can burn quickly if you're not watching. The ooey gooey insides, which taste so good, can sometimes ooze out of the seams as well if you don't tend to them. The wrapper bakes up crisp and the inside is a delicious blend of spinach and fat-free soy cheese, not tofu like the name suggests. Although by definition tofu is soybean curd, and the first ingredient in the soy cheese is soybean curd, the name is still slightly misleading.

Once removed from the oven, these egg rolls will be EXTREMELY hot! I strongly suggest cutting them in half on a bias and waiting a few minutes before eating. From oven to mouth is sure to result in a seriously burned roof so please be careful.

For about twenty minutes in the toaster oven, these Vegetarian Spinach & Tofu Egg Rolls are a great lazy Sunday mid-afternoon snack or precursor to a meal that takes some time to prepare. They are crunchy, chewy, gooey and delicious and I always have a package in my freezer.


  1. I like these veggie egg rolls too-nice not fried-baked

  2. I posted this on your other site.
    This is the same product discontinued by TJ. Your closeup of the ingredients was exactly the same as the Healthiswealth item. I've seen these sold in most health food stores and larger supermarkets

    Give them a try and let me know if they are the same.