Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday's Tasting - TJ's Mini Beef Tacos

Do you like tacos? I do. This Tuesday's Tasting is Trader Joe's Mini Beef Tacos. I am usually a soft taco kind of guy, some grilled meat, some onion, some cilantro, and a soft corn tortilla, but let me tell you these mini beef tacos are really good. Crunchy and delicious.

Trader Joe suggests three methods of cooking these little frozen taco bites, the conventional oven, the deep fryer, or the microwave. I used my toaster oven, set to 425°, and cooked these for about six or seven minutes, until crisp and started to brown. You may want to flip them after three or four minutes, just to ensure even crispness of the crunchy corn shell.

The beef filling surprisingly had a lot of flavor. The ingredients list on the box speaks of beef, green chiles, jalapeƱo peppers, cilantro and bell peppers. There is also some food starch, gelatin and guar gum listed, undoubtedly to thicken up the beef mixture and hold everything together. And the crunchy corn tortilla shell was just that, crunchy. It also had good corn taste and was well seasoned.

These Mini Beef Tacos from Trader Joe's are great for an afternoon or late-night snack, or while you are preparing dinner. I'll be sure to stock more of these in my freezer. For six or seven minutes, this is a quick, delicious snack straight out of your favorite TJ's freezer case. You should try some too.

As always, thanks for reading. See you next week for Tuesday's Tasting.

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