Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blog Away Hunger - Help Haiti

Life. A single word came mean so much. L'Chaim means "To Life" in Hebrew and is a common toast when friends and family gather for a drink. To Life. In the darkest moments of one's life, when all seems lost, how do you look forward? How do you find the courage to look forward to the next day, the next week, or the next month. How do you find courage to look forward to your next meal?

Eight days ago, Haiti was rocked by an earthquake that flattened much of the nation. Aftershock followed by aftershock, continue to rock the country throughout the ongoing rescue efforts. Even before the earthquake that shattered some already very torn lives, hunger and poverty was a problem in one of this hemispheres poorest nations. Now, there is chaos; there is death; there is uncertainty. But, there is also HOPE!

While reading my friend Rachael's blog today, Tokyo Terrace, I learned that a dear friend of hers "perished" in a building that collapsed during the earthquake. Looking at images coming across the wire give me the chills, and reading stories like Rachael's called me to action. In Rachel's post she mentioned a movement led by Marc from No Recipes called Blog Away Hunger. Marc is now asking bloggers to donate their January ad revenue to Haiti relief organizations as part of his effort. In response, I have agreed to donate my January and February ad revenue to a Haiti relief organization. I have not yet decided which organization to donate to, so if you would like me to consider a charity close to you, please leave a comment.

All the best in these times of grief and despair. There is hope, and it starts with support from around the world.


  1. Scott, Thanks so much for doing this. Every little bit helps and I am so happy that Ben's story moved you to contribute to what I hope will bring a lot of help to the people of Haiti. The fact that you were moved enough to do something to help out speaks volumes to the impact that Ben Larson had and still has on those who know his story. THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Rachael, it is really my pleasure. To read that he was singing, and presumably at peace, that is a good sign of hope. The tragedy in Haiti is an opportunity for the world to shine - we can hope that everyone learned from the disaster that was the relief effort in the Gulf of Mexico after Katrina.

  3. Wow, this is great. I'm definitely going to spend some quality time on your site and hopefully help you make some big bucks to help Haiti.

  4. Hi Erin, thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment. I'll be sure to get up some new content soon to keep you entertained! And I'm not making big bucks now, so I hope I break all my page view records in the next 40 days!

  5. Welcome aboard!

    Thanks to Marc's idea, we are donating to a worthy cause and to those who are really suffering.

  6. Hi Soctt, this is a great idea! Kudos to you. I would join in if I had ad revenue...

    Let me know if you find tasty things in Boston! Looking forward to following your adventures.

  7. Hi Esther, thanks! It is a great cause indeed.

    Hi Lingbo, I can't take the credit for the idea but I'm happy to be involved. As for tasty things in Boston, if you haven't been to Uni yet, go!