Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Big Cheese

I had originally thought to name this post "Cheese that will make your Ground Shake", but since tonight is the culmination of the most important Presidential election of my lifetime, I thought "The Big Cheese" was much more fitting.

So as I anxiously flip back and forth between CNN and NBC coverage of the election watching states turn blue [and red] I want to quickly share a new favorite cheese of mine; a cheese that is certainly better suited for a strong economy thanks to it's hefty $25.99/lb price tag. This cheese I speak of comes from the Cypress Grove Chevre company in Arcata, California, most notably known, I think, for it's amazing ripened cheese, Humboldt Fog. Actually, while looking at Cypress Grove's web site, I realized that they are the producers of some of my other favorite cheeses like Purple Haze and Midnight Moon.

This ground shaking cheese that I want to tell you about tonight, though, is called Truffle Tremor! Truffle Tremor is a ripened goat milk cheese laced with black truffle! All I can say about this cheese is WOW! The velvety texture of this ripened cheese with the other worldly flavor of black truffles just makes me so happy! This very flavorful cheese is best served by itself or on a very simple cracker, like the 34° Crispbread, and it pairs nicely with a crisp, dry white wine - Cypress Grove recommends a Pinot Grigio or Albariño.

I highly recommend going out to your local cheese shop and picking up a small piece - or large piece if you have the bank - I bought my Truffle Tremor at my local Whole Foods Market cheese shop. A quarter pound will run you around $6.50 and it's worth every penny!


  1. It is a cheese that I recommend especially since as a chef I specialise in cheesecakes

  2. I share you adoration of Cypress Grove cheeses. I love their Lamb Chopper cheese — great with quince membrillo — and their Bermuda Triangle — very similar to Humboldt Fog. I have yet to try this truffled one yet and i am a big sucker for anything with truffles or truffle oil.

    And I love the 34º crackers. They are the best. And they stay crisp forever. YUm!

  3. Hi Kat, great cheesecake recipes. I love your history of cheesecake.

    Hi Alexandra, I'm going to have to try out the Lamb Chopper and Bermuda Triangle. Not only do they produce some amazing cheeses, but they also have great names!