Thursday, September 18, 2008

I could live on sushi

I love sushi! There, I said it. I really love sushi! And for the record, I love my wife, too, but right now it is all about the sushi. I've been craving it for weeks and I finally got my fill last week. J and I went to Fugakyu Cafe in Sudbury and like always, it was great.

There are dozens of great sushi restaurants all over the Boston area; some I've been to like Fugakyu, Oishii, and Sushi Man and some I haven't like Uni and O Ya. Speaking of O Ya, I've heard it has the best sushi around right now, so it's on my list of to eat at places and I will go as soon as I save a little money, it's expensive! I'm also very fortunate that out in the western suburbs of Boston where I live there are second locations of Fugakyu and Oishii; Fugakyi Cafe is where I went last week, and Oishii Too is there in Sudbury as well.

One of my favorite suburban sushi spots is Sushi Man To Go in Chestnut Hill. Sushi Man To Go has a small sushi bar with eight seats and a few tables that could probably seat a total of twelve. Most of their business is take-out and their sushi is amazing. When eating at the small restaurant you are treated to some deliciously salty edamame, on the house. My favorite sushi at Sushi Man is actually temaki which are hand rolls. The spicy scallop, spicy salmon, and spicy tuna temaki hand rolls (three different rolls) are outstanding, loaded with lots of fresh fish, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, and lots of tobiko.

Here are some pictures from my dinner last week at Fugakyu Cafe:

This photo is of the sushi deluxe platter with salmon (sake), tuna (maguro), yellowtail (hamachi), octopus (tako), giant surf clam (mirugai), and some crab stick (kanikama). Everything was so fresh and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

This photo is of the white caterpillar maki, an inside out roll with fresh water eel (unagi) on the inside with avocado and cucumber and scallop (hotategai) on the outside with spicy mayo and tobiko, and the fugakyu maki, which is tuna, fried sweet potato, tobikko, salmon, octopus, cucumber & spicy mayo all wrapped inside of rice and seaweed (nori).

Here are some pictures of the sushi at Sushi Man To Go in Chestnut Hill, on Route 9 almost opposite the Atrium Mall:

Pictured here are a spicy tuna hand roll (temaki) on the right loaded up with lots of fresh, spicy tuna, rice, and orange and green tobiko, and two of my favorite rolls on the left - the venus roll, spicy scallop and tobiko wrapped inside of rice and pink soy paper, and to its left, I forget the name but it's fried sweet potato and fresh water eel (unagi) wrapped inside seaweed (nori) and rice.

Here is a plate of fresh tuna sushi (maguro nigiri) and egg omelet sushi (tomago nigiri). It is said that many people judge a good sushi restaurant by the quality of their egg omelet (tomago); if they make a good omelet, then chances are good that they can make good sushi - Sushi Man's tomago is excellent!


  1. Those all look awesome. Did your wife mind your photographing your food before you two could eat it though? :)

    Great post!

  2. You need to try Aoi Sushi on rte 9 in Framingham (between Temple and Edgell). Their chef is an ARTIST and they have done a lot to make the whole experience over the top fabulous without a giant bill.

  3. Hi Jennifer, my wife is a good sport! I don't usually take pictures when we go out to dinner but when I do it's with my Blackberry - hence the not great image quality. I try to be quick with the camera...

    Hi up all night, we have been ato Aoi Sushi and thought it was just okay. We used to go there when it was Wasabi too - it's the same sushi chef. If you really want great sushi in the Framingham area, go down to route 20 in Sudbury and try out Fugakyu Cafe or Oishii Too.

  4. I don't have anything to say about sushi- because I actually don't like it! I know, I'm lame.

    But, you *do* need to go enter my mango give-away contest because I know you want them! It's up on the front page now.

  5. Wow, the Fugakyu picture looks amazing. I will have to go there. I used to LOVE Oishii, I haven't been there in almost 2 years. My friend went to the one in Chestnut Hill so much they named the Evan Roll after him.

  6. Hi Sara, mangoes!!!!!

    Hi Michelle, it's so hard to get into Oishii in Chestnut Hill. I like living out in the burbs where its so much easier to get a table in a great sushi restaurant!