Friday, April 18, 2008

West Cornwall Pasty Co. at EDI

If you have ever found yourself in an airport at 4:30am wondering what to do, my answer is always "EAT!" The Edinburgh airport (EDI) was my last stop in Scotland before heading to London to catch my flight to India, and it was my last change to eat in Scotland.

After checking in, I found the West Cornwall Pasty Co. I remember my wife talking about pasties way back when she was studying in London so I knew this was the place to eat. A pasty is a type of pie commonly associated with Cornwall, United Kingdom. Traditionally, it is a pastry shell filled with diced meat, potato, and onion. Other common ingredients include swede, or rutabega, also known as yellow turnip in Cornwall.

If it was lunch time I definitely would have gone for the large traditional pasty, but since it was 4:30am, I opted for the small traditional and a cappuccino; both were excellent. The dough of the pasty was nice and dense and the filling was flavorful and tender. The cappuccino was actually more of a latte, but it was good and I drank it all up.

If you ever find yourself in the Edinburgh airport, look for this place - it's to the right of the escalators when going up to the departures area. Have yourself a pasty and you won't have to worry what the meal is on your flight. Cheers!


  1. Hi, just stumbled on your blog...
    That looks so delicious! =D

  2. cornish pasty's are so delicious. I love the history of the pasty - it was for the workers and the thick crust was made so their dirty hands wouldn't have to touch the part they were supposed to eat. If crust wasn't one of my favorite things then I'd prob. be happier w/ this rule. I'll just wash my hands instead.

    Sometimes airport food can be decent - I'm shocked that the place was open for biz at 4.30AM! When we were in the Madrid airport we bought 6 bocadilla's to bring home w/ us on the plane. The friggin' sandwiches in the airport had jamon serrano in them! That would cose like $15 at a store here in nyc. we ate 4 of them on the plane ride home!

    amy @ we are never full

  3. Hi sharon, thanks. They were delicious! Can't wait to get back for some more.

    Hi Amy, I agree. I love the history. I love foods that withstand the test of time; I'll wash my hands too - the crust on the pasty was so tasty :) The bocadilla's sound great! That must have made for one outstanding plane ride!