Friday, January 25, 2008

When Cold is Warm, at a Wyndham

J and I recently went on vacation to a Wyndham Grand Resort. After checking in to our room, we entered to find a nice treat. The beer and pretzels (out of view) were delivered because they are my drink and snack of choice as a member of the Wyndham By Request program. The Prosecco and chocolate covered strawberries were part of our room package, the Romance Package. A nice touch by the Wyndham, but we would still rather stay at a Westin.


  1. Mmm those chocolate covered strawberries look delicious, especially sitting in more sugar!

  2. Hey eatme, the strawberries were excellent! They went well with the sparkling wine, and the little bits of raw sugar that stuck to the chocolate added lots of great flavor.

    I wasn't a big fan of how the Wyndham changed the little things at the Rio Mar, but I'm impressed with the attention they give to their registered guests. The beer and pretzels were a welcome from the Wyndham since we are By Request members.

    The chocolate palm tree and chocolate covered strawberries on the island of raw sugar, and the sparkling wine (Cava) was a Westin Rio Mar thing, the continued this romance package when they took over the resort.