Friday, November 30, 2007

Fun with Marshmallows

It's the time of year here in New England when I like to build a fire in my fireplace. And it never fails that when I light a fire, J wants to toast some marshmallows. Until now, I've been going out to the backyard to find a stick suitable for just that. It needs to be long enough to not burn your hands from the fire, and thin enough to not destroy the marshmallow when you spear it. Long and thin do not usually mean it will be rigid enough to hold the marshmallow and not bend into the fire, so I usually take a long, thick stick and whittle down the end so that it's just perfect for spearing marshmallows.

Then just the other day, the Restoration Hardware catalog comes in the mail, and wouldn't you know it, they have a Marshmallow Roaster on sale. J exclaimed "I want that!" when she saw it. It has a telescoping handle and the prongs are finger safe, meaning they are blunt on the ends so you don't stab yourself when spearing the marshmallow. No more stick hunting in the backyard for me, thanks Restoration Hardware!!

NOTE: The Duraflame web site says that it is not okay to cook food over a duraflame log. DO NOT TOAST MARSHMELLOWS OVER A DURAFLAME LOG. Wood fires only!

And for some more marshmallow fun, check out the newest craze in Japanese game shows...marshmallow eating contests!


  1. Hmmmm, makes me seriously consider my use of the Duraflame log, since that probably cannot be used to roast marshmallows.....

  2. Hi Kelli, I'd definitely advise against eating anything roasted over an open Duraflame fire!

    I'm fortunate this winter, I had four trees cut down last year; I've got firewood aplenty this winter :)

  3. yeah, the duraflame chemicals don't pair well with marshmallows!

  4. Hi steamy, thanks for stopping by. I've actually received a few visits to my site from people who searched for "roasting marshmellows over a duraflame log" in Google. I feel the need to edit my original post with a warning!