Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stolen Tacos....

90ft. To Free Tacos For America. This is the tag line for Major League Baseball's marketing promotion with Taco Bell for the 2007 World Series. Steal a Base. Steal a Taco.

Tacos are one of life's greatest pleasures and even though Taco Bell can hardly be considered a fine purveyor of tacos, a free taco is a free taco. Am I right folks?

So in the spirit of free food, no, free TACOS, let's go Red Sox!! Steal some bases!! The Red Sox have base stealing threats in Coco Crisp (seriously, that's his name,) J.D. Drew, and Jacoby Ellsbury. All they have to do is steal one base and we all get a free taco!

If you aren't able to get yourself to eat a taco from Taco Bell, even if it's free, I have suggestion for you. Throw back three or four Coronas and THEN go get your FREE TACO! See the marketing promotion on MLB.com for the Free Taco details!

Go Red Sox!!

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