Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Sandwich is not a Sandwich, without Bread

Not too long ago, I wrote about the bread bakery/sandwich maker Panera and how they started offering a side of baguette with their sandwiches. Well I decided to write to Panera and ask them why. I wrote:
I'm curious, what is the point of offering a side of baguette with a sandwich when the sandwich is made with bread?
Three days later, I received this reply:
Thank you for contacting Panera Bread. We offer extra bread with your meal because we want you to enjoy our delicious product. We are all about bread.

You do have your choice of chips or an apple if you wish instead of the baguettes.

Have a great day.
In hindsight, I should probably have camped out at Panera and queried the people ordering more bread with their sandwich. I understand the reply I received from Panera. It makes perfect sense, they are all about bread. But the people that order bread with a sandwich made on bread....until next time.

Enjoy your lunch today.

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