Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What is a Sandwich without Bread?

I've recently noticed something strange happening at the popular sandwich maker/bread bakery called Panera. Not more than a month ago I had lunch at a Panera. I ordered a sandwich, the Frontega Chicken sandwich, a delicious sandwich, with which I was entitled to one side. An apple or a bag of chips, good kettle-cooked chips. Now fast forward to about a week ago. I ordered a different sandwich, the Smokehouse Turkey sandwich, a more delicious sandwich in my opinion but this detail is irrelevant to what I experienced next. When placing my order I was offered a choice of not only the usual apple or bag of chips, but also a wedge of French or multi-grain baguette.

This is an interesting proposition. Order a sandwich, made with bread, and get more bread on the side. People are actually accepting the offer of more bread.

Fascinating. I understand that they have good bread, that's what they do, they bake bread, they are a bread bakery. But the sandwich comes on bread they bake, which again, is good, why must you get more bread?!

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