Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday's Tasting: Rice Bowl with White Chicken, Vegetables & Teriyaki Sauce

Winter is here in New England. Snow, sleet, rain and cold. When the roads are covered in snow, the car is a sheet of ice, and the wind is making it feel like well below zero, it's a good night to stay in. So you can't make it to the supermarket to put together a nice meal, that's okay. Just make sure you have some rice bowls from Trader Joe's in your freezer.

This week, Tuesday's Tasting is a little late, two days late in fact, making this Thursday's Tasting. Winter weather has struck down on New England and I didn't have an opportunity on Tuesday to post my weekly review from Trader Joe's freezer case. This week's tasting, albeit it two days late, is Trader Joe's Rice Bowl with White Chicken, Vegetables & Teriyaki Sauce. The visible vegetables in this bowl are carrots, broccoli, green beens, and red peppers. The chicken is white meat and the teriyaki sauce, well looks and smells like teriyaki sauce.

This bowl is low in fat, high in flavor, and packed with 19g of protein. The wrapper says to microwave on high for four minutes and let it stand for one minute before serving. So I did. Trader Joe has done it again. This rice bowl is packed with flavor. The vegetables still have some bite to them, the white meat chicken is tender and juicy, and the teriyaki sauce tastes like, well, a good teriyaki sauce, the perfect amount to coat all the ingredients in the bowl. Add this to the list of rice bowls that you should stock in your freezer. It's quick and easy, and very tasty.

Right about now you're probably wondering if there is anything I don't like. I've reviewed many offerings from Trader Joe's freezer and really haven't had anything bad to say about any of them. At least I haven't told you NOT to buy any of them yet. Have no fear, I'll keep you honest with a review next week that will prove that not everything in Trader Joe's freezer is great. Curious what it is? Check back next Tuesday for my review of ... You didn't really think I'd tell you, did you?

I'm just one food guy, thanks for reading!

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