Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Street Food in Berlin

When I booked a trip to Berlin, Germany last year with one of my colleagues, all she could talk about leading up to the trip was currywurst! Currywurst is a popular fast-food dish found throughout Germany and is particularly common from street vendors in Berlin. It is basically a grilled pork sausage, cut up into pieces and covered in a curry flavored ketchup and dusted with curry powder. Since we were in Berlin for a just few days and will be working most of the time, our first mission was to find currywurst and it didn't take long. On our way into the city on our only free day, we came upon a currywurst cart. It was cold and raw in Berlin that day, but fortunately the cart also had an enclosed picnic area with propane heaters for us to enjoy our street treat. We ordered some pommes frites as well, European style with ketchup and mayonnaise. This was just the fuel was needed for a jam-packed day of Berlin fun.

With mission number one checked off our list early, we spent the rest of the day at the Jewish Museum, Potsdamer Platz, and the KaDeWe. Stay tuned for more on our time in Berlin.

Currywurst Cart in Berlin

Currywurst Cart

Look at that Grease!

The Making of Currywurst

Currywurst on the streets of Berlin

Currywurst Cart



  1. Mmmm... that all looks great! I love Curry Ketchup -- we get our's at Karl's Sausage Haus near Boston!

  2. Hi Jenny! I'll have to check out Karl's Sausage Haus, I've never been there and could use a good brat! Thanks

  3. It's great! You can check out their info on a post that I wrote a while ago. Safe travels and happy new year!