Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Welcome Home from Organica Deluxe

Upon arriving home from my trip last week I found a nice little package in the mail from Organica Deluxe. I was expecting something like this to arrive because I recently signed up to take part in the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Outreach Program as a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher. This program involves a partnership between Foodbuzz and some select producers to provide all us Foodbuzz tasters with the latest and greatest goodies out there to try. So I opted-in to try some Organica Deluxe cookies, I mean, free cookies, why wouldn't I want to try them out, right?

Waiting for me in my mailbox was this padded envelope from Organica Deluxe labeled "FRAGILE" and "PERISHABLE"; the packaging inside had "Freeze or consume in 3 days" written on it. I didn't have any trouble consuming the two delicious, spicy and sweet ginger cookies contained within the packaging. Each cookie is about three and a half inches in diameter (yes I did actually take out a ruler and measure) and coated in organic cane sugar. In fact, these cookies are 100% organic! They were soft, chewy, rich and spicy; they were some of the best ginger cookies I've had in quite a while. If you would like to try them yourself, you can buy a package of 16 cookies from Organica Deluxe for $40 on their web site. If you want something a little extra for a little less money, try out their "Morning Treat", it's a bag of espresso roast coffee and 8 of the famous ginger cookies that I am now a fan of.

Organica Deluxe is not just for coffee and cookies though, they seem to be a higher end version of Red Envelope. In addition to selling great gifts, they are also environmentally responsible. All products that they sell are 100% organic from the ingredients in the cookies, to the cotton used to manufacture clothing that they sell. They practice a concept called single box delivery, which means they don't package a box inside of a box when sending your goods. They source their goods from companies that use wind to power their manufacturing plants, and they donate to the Carbon Fund Foundation as a way to offset their own carbon footprint.

Organica Deluxe is a socially and environmentally responsible company selling great products. Go visit them at and buy something you can feel good about!

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