Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Breakfast Tailgate

Thanks to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hannah, the Jimmy Buffett concert at Great Woods was moved up from 8pm to 3pm to avoid some of the heavy rains. This means that me and my friends would be tailgating for breakfast and an early lunch instead of lunch and dinner. This meant that our menu had to change!

We decided to start off our tailgate with some bloody marys and ham and egg sandwiches. In addition to my Weber charcoal grill, I brought along my favorite non-stick frying pan to cook the eggs. We grilled up some ham steak, fried up some eggs, added some muenster cheese and grilled buns (not pictured) and we had ourselves a delicious tailgate breakfast.

We ended up drinking our lunch - captain morgan and coke - and saved the marinated rib eyes, teriyaki vegetables, and grilled potatoes for another day. Speaking of which - hey Mike, how were the steaks? Hows the hangover?

Thanks for another great show at Great Woods, Jimmy Buffett! Had a blast in the rain!


  1. Hi there, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog recently, just popping in to say hello. :)

  2. Hey,
    How was your pan on the bbq? We camp a lot in the summer and I've often wondered what would happen if I did this. I thought the pan would end up a sooty mess or it would bake off the teflon, but yours looks unscathed! How did you do it?

  3. eggs, yum. It seems like eating anything outside makes the food taste better