Monday, August 18, 2008

A home cooked meal in Switzerland

I traveled to Luzern, Switzerland for some meetings back in May and was fortunate to get a home cooked meal at my friend and colleague Jason's house. All I knew was that he was making risotto, but as I would soon find out, I was in for a treat.

For Jason's first course, he put together a wonderful salad of lamb's lettuce (mâche), fresh figs, parma, and buffalo mozzerella with a drizzle of aged balsamic. This salad was outstanding! I had never had fresh figs before and I fell in love with them. The parma was also excellent and the mozzarella was so soft and delicate, it practically melted in my mouth. The aged balsamic balanced the sweetness of the entire salad very well, nice job Jason!

Here is Chef Jason hard at work in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on his award winning risotto.

Course two as I mentioned, was risotto. A sautéed fennel risotto with fresh ricotta. Jason first sautéed the fennel and held it aside while the risotto cooked. As Jason added the last cup of hot stock to the risotto pan, he added in the fennel, bringing all the flavors together. He plated the risotto with a few teaspoons of the fresh ricotta, some crushed red peppers, and some of the fennel fronds. This risotto was seriously good; the rice was cooked perfectly and the slightly sweet, sautéed fennel balanced out the richness of the risotto. I had seconds.

To end this fantastic meal, Jason served up some great vanilla ice cream with fresh berries and a little splash of aged balsamic vinegar. So good.

So to Jason and his wife, Keryn, thank you for this delicious home cooked meal in Switzerland, and for being so kind open up your home. Next time you're in Boston, dinner is at my house.


  1. Thanks for the amazing write-up! Of course, props have to go out to Jamie Oliver for the recipe. I might have cooked it to perfection but it's all Jamie. I highly recommend all his books!

  2. Jason, thank you! And Thanks to Jamie Oliver too!