Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Delicious Dogs

Early on in my blogging career, which really wasn't that long ago, one of my readers told me about Niman Ranch Fearless Franks. Specifically that I could buy them at Trader Joe's. Well when I inquired with Trader Joe's about what stores in my area (Boston suburbs) carry the Niman Ranch Fearless Franks, Joe replied and said, "Sorry, we only distribute the Fearless Franks in our West Coast stores." I live Massachusetts. Needless to say, I was bummed. I'd never even tried the Fearless Franks, but if a fellow blogger with a love for food suggested I try them, I had to try them.

Months had passed since I learned of the Fearless Franks, I had almost forgotten about them until...I was walking through this great market called Russo's and there they were right in front of me, Niman Ranch Fearless Franks! All this time, at Russo's and I never knew it. I bought a pack. I thought it interesting though that one of the ingredients in the hot dog was milk.

Anyway, I couldn't wait to give these hot dogs a spin in my mouth. I fired up my Weber charcoal grill and put a nice grilling on these dogs. First off, these are no ordinary hot dogs, forget about the milk. These dogs are BIG; almost a quarter pound of beef, free of hormones and antibiotics. After a few minutes on the grill, I split open a hot dog bun, a potato hot dog bun, because I like them and added some spicy mustard and a little ketchup. Then, WHAM! I had the best hot dog I had ever tasted swimming around in my stomach. I think I ate the rest of the package over the next day or so, but I can't be sure. I was in a delicious hot dog induced daze for sometime.

If you see a package of Niman Ranch Fearless Franks in your local market, pick up a package and RUN HOME to grill them. Note that they are good steamed too; I didn't want to wait for my charcoal to light! I know, a picture of the package would have helped you identify them in your local market. But then again, I didn't know what the package looked like either. Just ask for the Niman Ranch Fearless Franks. So good.

Remember that I'm just one food guy so go try these for yourself!


  1. Before moving to Chicago, I thought of hot dogs as something parents threw on the grill for the kids when they were making hamburgers for the grown-ups. I couldn't understand why there were hot dog stands all over town. Then I tried one. Now I know.

    You're right, with a good dog, steamed is okay. Heck, even a not so good dog is still pretty good. But char that dog on a grill and suddenly we're talking heaven! Will have to see if I can find Fearless Franks here in Chicago.

  2. Hi Terry, good luck on your quest for the franks. You might want to try contacting Niman Ranch, they may be able to tell you if they are distributed in your area - I'd be surprised if they weren't.