Monday, April 09, 2007

Johnny Hart - Rest in Peace

B.C. by Johnny Hart


  1. How silly -- everyone knows the drink of choice is white zinfandel.

  2. in regards to your comment, i'd say i was your nyc counterpart up until the red sox/mets point. i dont' watch sports! unless you count the iron chef as a sport.

  3. That comic strip is a fitting tribute on a food blog for a fantastic cartoonist. I grew up reading B.C. and the Wizard of Id, and I found that as Johnny Hart's sense of humor and the direction of his strip evolved, I began to appreciate him in different ways. Thanks for the tribute.

  4. Hi inky - my Mom would probably drink some white zin with a hot dog!

    jinius - Iron Chef definitely counts as a sport.

    p.e. - thanks for the comment. I used to play a B.C. video game on an old commodore 64 game console where the guy would roll along on the single wheel and you'd have to jump over stuff. Good times!