Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Five things people don't know about me

Pim of Chez Pim tagged me for this "Five things people don't know about me" meme. What is a meme you ask? I asked myself the same question and found this: The Daily Meme.

Now seeing as how I'm a relative newcomer to the blogosphere, it should be fairly easy for me to give you five things people don't know about me. My struggle, not unlike Pim, is what I can tell you that I want to tell you. Let's begin:

1. I'm 31 years old, an Aries. An Aries to a t, really.

2. I own a Swiss Army knife that I found half-buried in the woods at summer camp 25 years ago. My dad held on to it for many years, I guess I was too young to own a knife when I found it.

3. I can find anything in Google. Really. Not too long ago I found the end of the internet. It wasn't that exciting.

4. I like to camp in the winter. I'm not talking about car camping here. I'm talking about backpacking, hiking in the mountains, sleeping outside under the stars. I go to the White Mountains and the Catskill Mountains, so that means extreme cold and snow. A sleeping bag rated to -20°F and some fleece keeps me warm and toasty at night, usually. Not to mention there are no mosquitoes and the bears are hibernating.

5. I play shortstop for a fast pitch softball team in Cambridge, MA. This summer will be my seventh season. I was the teams left fielder until becoming the full time shortstop two years ago. My team's pitcher decided it would be a good idea to go to graduate school and is going to miss the first have of the season, classes are on Monday nights. Do you know anyone in the Greater Boston area that can pitch windmill?

So just as I was tagged by Pim to tell you five things people don't know about me, I too must choose five people to tell you five things about themselves. Here are five blogs that I read frequently and would like to see what they have to say:

Eat, Drink & Be Merry
Daily Gluttony
The Petite Pig
Oishii Eats

I'm just one food guy, thanks for reading.


  1. Glad to read your five things. Thanks for stopping over at The Portly Chef. Really enjoy your site.

  2. The end of the internet?

    How about Get a First Life?